• Summer of Discontent?

    We the workers are once again being asked to pay for a crisis not of our making. Having hardly emerged from two years of the pandemic, we are now greeted by rising costs of living. Boris Johnson is threatening us with out of control inflation if we dare to demand higher pay, while the capitalist […]

    Summer of Discontent?
  • Against Fake Internationalism

    The Russian invasion of Ukraine has spread confusion within the ranks of the capitalist left. Some have sided with the Ukrainian resistance, others have blamed it all on NATO, and many have simply remained silent. Whatever the pretence, none of these positions have anything in common with internationalism as we know it. “Arm Ukraine Now”: […]

    Against Fake Internationalism
  • We Must Dissent

    As we hear more and more from the horrors of war in Ukraine, we cannot help but feel moral indignation at the state of the world. This anger is not misplaced but it is often misdirected. Too often our anger is directed at whole nations; we forget that these nations, however despotic and bigoted their […]

    We Must Dissent
  • War, Poverty, Crisis and Disease: The True Face of the Capitalist System

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is bringing the world ever closer to its boiling point. Once again the working class across the world are being asked to take sides in a conflict from which we have nothing to gain and everything to lose. On the one hand Russia, attempting to reclaim what it has lost since […]

    War, Poverty, Crisis and Disease: The True Face of the Capitalist System
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